Should I Be Concerned About Small Gaps Around My Garage Door?

Some homeowners may question whether it’s really that much of a concern about small gaps around the sides or bottom of their overhead garage or shop door. The quick answer: Yes. On first glance, it may not seem that important to see small openings around the door. But the fact is that air infiltration can … Read more

Efficient Garage Door Seal Important In Any Climate

Whether you live in a cooler northern climate or a warmer southern climate, it’s important to make certain the overhead door in your garage or shop area is well-sealed. The fact is that a poorly-sealed door can lead to an uncomfortable environment in both cold and hot periods of the year. Air infiltration causes problems … Read more

Keep Your Upgraded Garage Clean And Dry

Homeowners more and more are treating their garage as an extension of their house – creating an exciting extra space for a variety of uses. Of course, the traditional and obvious purposde for a garage is a home for your vehicles. And even with just that purpose in mind you want the space to be … Read more

Does My New Overhead Garage Door Really Seal?

You just purchased a new overhead garage door or have one as part of your newly-constructed home. You probably assume the door seals properly against all unwanted infiltration. But does it really? The new system may very well be allowing dreaded “snirt” into your garage area. Okay, first of all, what is snirt? Traditionally, it … Read more

Great DIY Overhead Door Sealer Comes In Color Choices

It’s always great to save money and create comfort and one simple do-it-yourself project that fits the bill is eliminating air infiltration from your overhead doors in garages and shops. There are two great products that provide a handy DIY project that can save significantly on utility bills in your garage or shop areas, while … Read more

How Do I Keep My Garage Dry?

A clean and dry garage creates a safe and healthy environment. Moisture can damage items in your garage or mold can develop, leading to serious problems. Additionally, wet and slick garage floors can lead to accidents. There are several steps that can be taken to make sure your garage (which is the gateway to your … Read more

Great Made In USA Garage Door Seal Now Comes In Colors

Are you looking for a way to stop air infiltration through the overhead doors in your garage, shop or utility buildings? Whether you are using your overhead doors for a garage/shop or agricultural, industrial, aviation or warehousing purposes, keeping out air movement and various items and critters is healthy and saves money. The great news … Read more

4 Ways To Stop Snow From Getting Into Your Garage

Snow inside your garage can cause a lot of mess, as well as present safety issues due to wet and slick floors. Keeping it out can be a challenge for the homeowner. With that in mind, here are four simple tips for keeping your garage dry and safe: Don’t let snow pile up against the … Read more

Stop The Snirt; And Choose Your Colors

It’s time for you to stop infiltration around your overhead doors – and there are two great products that will do just that. In many cases, such as garages, the overhead door is actually the gateway to your home. Keeping out air movement and various items and critters is healthy and saves money. To put … Read more

Don’t Let Winter Create Hazardous Garage Or Shop Areas

Winter is still here and it is important to not let snow or ice buildup around your overhead doors create a hazardous situation in your garage or shop areas. A dry floor creates a safe and healthy environment. And that can only happen if you prevent winter ice buildup around your overhead door entrances. A … Read more

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