Made In USA Product Stops Overhead Door Air Infiltration

Are you tired of air infiltration through your overhead doors – resulting in an environment that is both unhealthy and uncomfortable. Whether you are using your overhead doors for a garage/shop or agricultural, industrial, aviation or warehousing purposes, keeping out air movement and various items and critters is healthy and saves money. The great news … Read more

Snirt Monsters Can Ruin Your Garage

Dirt, water/rain, snow, leaves, bugs, mice and even snakes can cause all kinds of problems in your garage or shop area. We call these unwanted items Snirt Monsters. They can create an unhealthy and unpleasant environment in your garage and the gaps in your overhead door and subsequent air infiltration lead to cold conditions in … Read more

Properly Seal Your Garage Or Shop And Save Big Bucks

It’s a two-step process – as air infiltrates your garage or shop, money flies out of your pocket. A poorly-sealed overhead door to your garage, shop, ag building or warehouse can mean a loss of big bucks for you. As an example, in one large Midwest building with multiple overhead doors, the heating cost was … Read more

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Garage Or Shop

Just like you want to keep mice and other rodents out of your home, the same holds true for your garage or shop area. Mice and other similar varmints can spoil your attempts to create a clean and safe atmosphere for parking your vehicles or working in your shop. A poorly-sealed overhead door often is … Read more

How To Keep Your Garage Free From Sand And Dirt

A clean garage or shop floor creates a safe and healthy environment. It is especially important to keep sand and dirt out of your parking or work space – that is a problem many homeowners in coastal areas such as Florida regularly report. Of course, sand and dirt infiltration can be a problem to some … Read more

Stop Air Infiltration In Your Agricultural Buildings

It’s not unusual for an agricultural building or shop to have an outmoded and ineffective overhead door sealing system. The result is air infiltration that creates problems in both comfort and expense. It’s time for you to stop infiltration around those overhead doors – and there are two great products that will do just that. … Read more

Time To Keep Crawling Critters Out Of Your Garage

StopTheSnirt SpidderBug

There is no reason for you to have to put up with bugs and spiders in your clean garage or shop area. It’s frustrating to have a great garage spoiled by irritating insects crawling around, creating a nuisance and also an unhealthy environment. It’s time to keep the potential for disease out of your parking … Read more

How To Stop Monstrous Messes In Your Garage

Did you know that gaps as thin as paper in your overhead shop or garage door invite in Monstrous Messes such as heat loss, cold drafts, dirt, bugs, mice and more? There is no need for these Snirt Monsters to be allowed into your otherwise clean and healthy parking or work environment. There is a … Read more

A DIY Plan For A Snirt-Free Garage

Do-it-yourselfers continually are looking for ideas to make improvements around the house or property that are relatively easy to accomplish and often help save money. There are two great products that fit the bill for a DIY project that can save significantly on utility bills in your garage or shop area, while also making for … Read more

Stop Air Infiltration Into Your “New” Garage

An exciting trend in home ownership is expanding the “reach” of your house by developing new and creative ways of using your garage space. It can be a practical and efficient method of making your home more attractive and livable – and there are lots of great ideas out there for accomplishing your specific goals. … Read more

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